Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait...

As we speak our new furniture is being delivered...yes we finally got moved into our house! I promise as soon as everything is decorated and looking beautifully I will post pictures! Currently we still have boxes ALL over the garage, hidden in closets and in my car! However, everything is coming together rather nicely! What a joy it has been to have Mr.Queen Bee home this week to help out and enjoy his company! Tonight I am making potato soup, and we are going to SIT and ENJOY ourselves in our new home for the first night! I cannot wait, it is going to most fabulous!

Stay tuned for pictures....XOXO <3

Friday, September 16, 2011

Falling into Friday

Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand, leggings as part of my Friday attire, and freshly painted fall fingernails; I am officially falling into Friday!

Growing up I thought summer was the only season that mattered. However, the older I get the more I fall completely and totally in love with Autumn! Changing leaves are charismatic to me, in the way that they change so elegantly before falling to the ground. I adore pumpkins and how you can decorate with them, enjoy them in a tasty dessert, and even bake the seeds that fill them! I like breaking out my crock pot for the fall season to enjoy homemade soups, after it has been in hibernation all summer. Plus, I love thinking that in a few short months my loving Fiance will have a couple "off months" from traveling and our whirlwind life will calm down enough for us to spend more than 2 evenings together every week. With all that said, I am totally loving the high of 64 that is to occur today in Charlotte, and I hope the fall weather sticks around until December, now that'd be fabulous!

Pretty Fall Nails

To Die For Pumpkin Spice Latte
Lovely Changing Leaves

One Of My Fall Decor Purchases, I May Not Be A Hancock Yet But Oh Well!

Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.  ~George Elio

In Case Any Of You Were Wondering..

My life is a complete whirlwind tragedy right now..WHEW! Over the last 2 weeks, Mr.Queen Bee & I  have been told multiple times that we would be closing on our new home...have we closed yet? NOPE! Meaning I am living out of boxes, bags, a half empty house and sleeping in our spare bed! Also, on a side note...the spare bed is NOT comfy, so sorry to all of our family & friends who have slept there. It will certainly need to be updated when we do move, hopefully on Monday.

Not that I am getting my hopes up, AT ALL. But, hopefully Monday will be the day we close and everyone we have paid to make this happen will actually follow through on the jobs they are supposed to be good at.

On the other hand, coaching cheerleading in the mix of all this has been a great experience! I had about 25 kids on Tuesday night, in one class! Talk about chaos, but loving chaos! On Wednesday, I had only 5 of my competition kids. However, with only 5 kids we focused on what they needed to focus on separately and I even had a parent tell me how great I am with the kids..LOVED hearing that!

I think that is a decent catch up you all <3

Sunday, August 28, 2011

365 Days Of...

Lets preface this post by saying, I am totally uncontrollably addicted to shopping. While purchasing a house and planning a wedding, shopping has officially been put on the back burner. Honestly, would I prefer a new wardrobe over marrying my best friend or buying our first house, I guess not. But, that doesn't mean this whole transition is easy, nor is it being taken lightly. I am pretty certain I am going into shopping withdrawals...with that said I have decided to embark on a clothing journey. I plan to wear a different outfit every day for 365 days! This isn't to say I won't purchase a single thing, but I am hoping that it will prove a point to myself, that I have enough stuff to make it work and I can live without new stuff constantly while saving money of course.

The plan? Start with every single item in my closet/dresser/spinny closet gadget. Once a shirt/dress/skirt/pant is worn it will be "retired" and moved into another closet until I have officially worn every piece of clothing I own. Ready to embark on a new journey, starting tomorrow morning. Hope you all follow along & encourage me during this journey..I am certain Mr.Queen Bee will be very appreciative! XOXOX <3

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lowes & Vegan Stories, that's an interesting combo!

You know you've officially grown up when Lowes Home Improvement becomes your favorite place to spend Thursday date nights, HA! Yes, this was Brian and I last night, at 9PM wandering around Lowes to find paint, ceiling fans, kitchen valances, washer and dryer plus 1 million other things that our new house will need! Talk about expensive...whew!

On a different note, a little comedy from a recent vegetarian/vegan! Mr.Queen Bee and I decided to do mexican for dinner, a interesting feat for a vegan! I ordered what I thought was pretty simple, a "quesadilla" with peppers, onions and a side of guac...well after a strange look by waitress #1, we were approached by waitress #2 to inform me that couldn't be done? So I ended up with sides of EVERYTHING, a side of peppers, a side of onions, tortillas and a side of guac, necessary I think not? Plus, our waitress seemed to look at me for the rest of evening as if I were an alien and very high maintenance, ha! We even had 2 managers come to make sure everything was okay! While this is quite entertaining, so were the other 2 occasions where I ordered salads without chicken and got back "ha, why?" and "are you serious?" Just as an FYI that is NOT okay for all of your restaurant workers out there, come on now people!

But, enough ranting! I am officially on week 3 of being a vegetarian come Saturday and i LOVE it, glad I started this journey..pushing myself more and more each day to be completely vegan. I certainly don't want any little baby chickens, pigs, cows or fish looking at me like this....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home is where your story begins..

A few snapshots of our NEW house :) Cannot wait to get in here with fresh new paint, clean carpets,  new decorations and lots & lots of new furniture!! Blessed beyond words!

Manic Months, to say the least

Okay, so I haven't blogged since MARCH..which might I add is a bit insane. But with a little push from all of my blogging friends and there creativity, I decided it was time to let it all hang out again! Plus its a great way to keep up with the girlfriends that I cannot talk to or see everyday, miss you all dearly!

Just a quick catch up post!

From what I remember from April, May and June! They were pretty average months, work, shopping, family time, squeezing in one-on-one time with Mr.Queen Bee during his busiest work months and a fun tubing trip and might I add my first camping trip! That was an say the least! Plus, my beautiful neice won 1st runner up in her FIRST pageant, shes such a doll!

But July took on a whole new approach!  A much awaited week-long vacation with the man of my dreams and our furry son Cooper! We started the vacation on a whim by deciding to drive to Wilmington after work on Thursday, throwing clothes in a suitcase and hitting the road in a little over an hour! Upon on arrival, we checked into the cutest hotel/bed & breakfast the Wilmingtonian, check it out here! I highly recommend it and for all of your families with furry children, its pet friendly! After spending 3 relaxing days in Wilmington, we packed up and headed to Ocean Isle to spend the remainder of our vacation with Mr.Queen Bees sissy, her hubs & a couple of there friends! Little did I know that after patiently waiting or I am sure Mr.Queen Bee would say not so patiently waiting, Mr. Queen Bee finally popped the QUESTION and I can officially say that we are getting married! Yes it is official I am going to become a MRS in January and this definitely put a new spin on things! Plus, in July it became official that our offer was accepted on our first house! Blessing after blessing in July and my head is spinning! With visions of furniture, bridesmaid dresses, dj, ceremony music, amongst a million other things sleeping at night has become an issue and concentrating at work with a million things on my desk plus a million things on my mind has become quite entertaining!

See a couple snapshots from the Queen Bee life and the last few months below!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary Honey Bee

Mr.Queen Bee & I have "officially" been together for 2 years, as of today! Over the last 2 years, our relationship has encountered many different obstacles, challenges, changes, triumphs, hills, bumps in the know the typical relationship things. With that said, I wouldn't trade the last 2 years of my life for a single thing! Mr.Queen Bee has been my rock, my cheerleader, my shoulder to cry on, my best friend and my lover amongst many other things. Honestly, I truly do not know if I would have survived the last 2 years without Mr.Queen Bee. Now two years in, we are stepping forward into the next phase of our relationship, house buying. We officially have found our dream home, something that we could raise a family in someday and a home Mr.Puppy Bee would be happy with as well. Say a little prayer that we get this house, my entire heart will fall apart if someone gets MY dream home!! With all of that being said, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MR.QUEEN BEE!

My one & only <3
Really good smooches <3

Quite successful at making me smile everyday <3
Unique in many different ways, mainly the collection of _________ lint...<3
Everything I could of ever imagined the love of my life having/being <3
Eyes that I never want to stop staring into <3
Not a single thread away from being perfect <3

Buns <3
Ehehehehe, one silly man <3
Enough to make my heart skip a beat <3



Alright my dear Blog readers, if you could get to me I would SO allow you all to beat me severely for becoming such a slack blogger. I promise to do better, well kind of! haha! Life has been way way way hectic lately for this Queen Bee, which is totally what I signed up for since I am the Queen Bee and all but SEESH! All my busy bee-ness caught up with me last week as I was sick in bed for THREE days, THREE WHOLE DAYS out of work. This is so unheard of in big girl bee world, but thank goodness my boss is a blessing and didn't force me to work..or I would have shed big tears! I was so sick that I didn't even clean the house or do ANY laundry, any of you that know me well, know I must've been on my death bed!

Other than being sick, life has been taken over hunting, working, Velocity Girl practice, more working, a few days at the gym, placing offers on a dream house, spending time with my little family, spending time with my big family, seeing Mr.Queen Bee off on his many work traveling excursions amongst 1000000 other things. But on to the fun things..

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day To My Sweet Bee!!

It is officially the Queen Bee Couples 3rd Valentines Day together, what a 3 years it has been! Over the last 3 years our relationship has grown and developed into a beautiful relationship built on love, a love that I know will last forever.

Mr.Bee and I celebrated our first Valentines Day with friends in the mountains, we exchanged gifts and by my surprise Mr.Bee did the most creative little thing. He wrote a "note" with blanks, framed it and gave me a box of Candy Hearts (ones that he had picked out specifically for the note) and I was to fill in the blanks. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this Valentines Day gift and will NEVER EVER forget how cute Mr.Bee was as I filled in the blanks!

Our second Valentines Day was also spent in the mountains with friends!! I don't remember much about this date, but I am almost certain Mr.Bee made me feel special just as he does everyday :)

As our 3rd Valentines Day together begins I am excited to see what tonight holds! Mr.Bee is cooking dinner for me, yum and he has a teeny tiny gift since I gave him the Love Dare early! I do know that our love flows deeper than ever before and that this Valentines Day means much more because of the grande amounts our love has grown this year specifically. I believe our relationship has taken leaps and bounds into a different realm of relationships, as we have encountered and conquered so many obstacles this year.

Mr.Bee, I hope you know how much I adore you, how much I truly love you deep down, and I hope you know that we have a love that will not waiver and a love that will never stop..our love is forever. With that being said, Mr.Bee will you be my Valentine this year, next year and until death do us part?

Another Day, Another Dollar...Another Weekend..THANK HEAVENS :)

Boy oh Boy, has work been stressful lately OR WHAT? Maybe it isn't just me that feels as though work is going one million different ways all in one day. Whewie! Thank heavens for my Mommy Bee because without her, I am pretty sure Friday evening I would have TOTALLY lost it. She let me absolutely let loose on the phone for an hour and knew exactly the right things to say to put me at ease. No idea what I would do without her? Mr.Bee was a bit concerned about me sitting in the car in the drive-way for an hour, so he brought me a snack..gah I love that man <3 Mr. Bee & I went out and about with some friends Friday evening and I certainly needed to let loose for an evening! It was a lot of fun & of course Mr.Bee enjoyed being out and about with 3 women ;)

As for Saturday, Mr. Bee and I traveled all around Charlotte to check out some real estate. Looking for a new home isn't as fun as I was hoping, not to mention we are incredibly picky. After looking at 5/6 houses on Saturday we were feeling aggravated, frustrated and let down. I even told Mr.Bee that I wasn't so sure that we could do this without killing one another..HA! After a stressful morning, we headed to good ol' Trinity to see my Princess niece shine on-stage! She makes me so proud and has no idea how much I adore her, she truly is a girl after my own heart! My precious nephew hugged and loved on me like I was a celebrity once again..and I loved every single minute of it!

When Sunday rolls around I dread it a bit due to the fact that I always hate for the weekend to end and this weekend was just the same. Mr.Bee and I went house hunting once again, this time we actually found a few homes to put on our "list," a much better outcome than Saturday had! We went to dinner together and chatted about life, about everything we have to look forward to and I am simply so so blessed to have him in my life, he is my very best friend and supporter!

Now about those Grammy awards, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see what everyone is wearing and Mr.Bee loves to see the lights and audio in action since that is job as well! A match made in Grammy Heaven! My favorite performance? Well I have 2, I LOVED Bruno Mars going back into time and I LOVE the Avett Brothers so both take the fav prize for the night for me!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Love Dare..Days 1,2 & 3

As I was grocery shopping at Super Targ on Monday night, or well just shopping in Super Targ. I happened to stroll through the book section. In the book section I stumbled upon "The Love Dare," something Mr.Queen Bee and I have been talking about doing for months. So I took it upon myself, The Queen Bee to purchase both of us a copy and for an Early Valentines present gave it to my sweet Bee when I returned home. To my surprise, Mr.Queen Bee was just as excited as I was & so it began. On Tuesday, February 8th The Queen Bee Clan began on the Love Dare journey and as of Day 3, which is today I can already tell a difference in the way our relationship is developing.

On Day 1 we had to be patient with one another, this is something that I lack..clearly since I am the Queen Bee but something I agreed to work on. On the other hand, patience is something Mr.Queen Bee has an abundance of..he has to be patient to deal with me on regular basis. Day 1 went pretty good, no serious meltdowns, no fighting and lots of patience and so Day 2 came about. The dare for Day 2 was to be kind, lucky for me..I read my dare chapters the night before and I had a heads up on my Kind act or well acts for Day 2.

Mr.Queen Bee is pretty good at getting up in the mornings and making coffee for us, as well as taking Puppy Bee out to on Day 2 I made it a point to drag myself out of bed, stroll to the kitchen and make us our coffee. I also took Mr.Queen Bee some gym clothes since he is pretty good at leaving those behind in his morning frenzy. Little did I know that we would end up going on a spur of the moment date night instead of going to the gym. No complaining here though, because I loved every minute of it! So yes Day 2 turned out to be pretty great.

At the end of Day 2 I felt as though things were finally going in the right direction and I realized just how much we needed this Love Dare to remind ourselves the amount of love we have for each other. I can assure you that no matter what I am deeply passionately in love with Mr.Queen Bee but I also can assure you that after this Love Dare the love I have for Mr.Bee will of exploded into a completely different love, one that no one else will be able to EVER replace.

With that said, Let's see what Day 3 has in store..the Dare is to buy something for Mr.Queen Bee that shows you were thinking of them..yes Mr.Queen Bee got a few things, I like to spoil him..what can I say <3

Oopsies..Life Got TOO Busy..

Okay, Okay I have been a bit slack on this whole blog idea. My life is so incredibly busy lately. Working 40 hour work weeks, attempting to be social and trying to spend time with Mr.QueenBee and my family is a full-time job and more! Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to squeeze in a small celebration for Mr.Queen Bees birthday, seeing as he was skiing it up in CO for his actual birthday! A weekend getaway with Mommy Bee & Sissy Bee to the Biltmore House. A much needed ladies weekend with my very best friends and a weekend that I hope to cherish forever. A very special weekend that I hope to spend with Mom Bee & Sissy Bee for the rest of our lives.

I also squeezed in going out on a limb and trying out for a Pro-Dance team! I was a complete and total EMOTIONAL WRECK, to say the least! Mr. Queen Bee went to enjoy a guys night in the mountains and I stayed home to prepare for try-outs. I slept about 4 hours and woke up around 5:15am, by 8:00am this Queen Bee was getting all dolled up for try-outs. By 11am I had arrived at the try-out location and my insides were totally turned inside out and upside down, all at once. Try-outs lasted roughly 4 hours and I was exhausted as I drove to the mountains to reunite with my sweet Mr.Queen Bee & our fun friends! Thank goodness I had a LOT of company on Saturday night, or I would have completely LOST IT waiting to hear who made the cut. I ALMOST lost it on Sunday as I waited to see if my name would be on that list or not..LUCKY FOR ME THE QUEEN BEE..MADE THE TEAM! Practices started on Tuesday & now I am officially a little more busy, but I cannot wait to dance again..dancing is my PASSION!! WOOOOHOOOO!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheers to a Brand New Year & a Brand New Me

Hello World, you got it I am officially blogging to the world. The big world that revolves around the internet, the big world that only a small percentage will probably ever even read this...but hey why not share my life with that small percentage! 

Over the last year I have grown & evolved into big girl world, grown & evolved into more of a Queen than I was before, grown & evolved into the rock my mother has needed me to be, grown & evolved into the loving woman that my loving man didn't realize he needed but loves me for it, grown & evolved into the sister that my sister has been to me for so long in order to return the favor, grown & evolved into an Aunt that my niece & nephew believe I am a celebrity when I make it home, grown & evolved into a full-time 40 hours a week employee, grown & evolved into a workoutaholic, grown & evolved into everything that I didn't realize would come so soon in life but I wouldn't trade it for a single thing, unless of course it was a million dollar $hopping spree..then we could talk about trading it all. 

2010 was a a roller coaster of a year and one hell of a ride. It started out in the mountains with Mr.QueenBees friends, normal isn't really the word  I would use to describe it but for lack of better words, it started out semi-normal. As the months continued on, I had started my last semester of college, celebrated my Dads last official birthday on this earth, celebrated my 22nd birthday, started an internship, traveled home every night for a month to visit my dad in Hospice, watched my father pass away right before my eyes little by little, held my family closer than ever before, fell more in love with Mr.QueenBee, celebrated my sisters birthday, celebrated my nieces Celebrity birthday, traveled to the beach for a weekend getaway for my Moms 50th Birthday & to celebrate graduating college, started a full-time position not even a week after graduation, learned to balance life in a way that works without being a total stress mess, celebrated the first Thanksgiving & Christmas without the love of my dad, celebrated the second Thanksgiving in Virginia with Mr.QueenBees family a family that I hope to be a part of in 2011, celebrated my PawPaws last Christmas here on Earth, attended a couple weddings,  cherished every minute with every person that I love more than life itself, and somehow I survived it all and come out on top! 

2011 I believed would start off on a much higher note and although I was wrong about that I believe 2011 still has potential, potential to beat the rough start. The rough start with doctor appointments, prescription meds to get me through the long days and laying my PawPaw to rest beside my Nana. I still hope that 2011 kicks 2010 right square in the face, because I am ready to outshine the person next to me, smile as big as my mouth allows, and spread love around the world. So here is to 2011, Cheers to 2011 from QueenBee.