Friday, September 16, 2011

In Case Any Of You Were Wondering..

My life is a complete whirlwind tragedy right now..WHEW! Over the last 2 weeks, Mr.Queen Bee & I  have been told multiple times that we would be closing on our new home...have we closed yet? NOPE! Meaning I am living out of boxes, bags, a half empty house and sleeping in our spare bed! Also, on a side note...the spare bed is NOT comfy, so sorry to all of our family & friends who have slept there. It will certainly need to be updated when we do move, hopefully on Monday.

Not that I am getting my hopes up, AT ALL. But, hopefully Monday will be the day we close and everyone we have paid to make this happen will actually follow through on the jobs they are supposed to be good at.

On the other hand, coaching cheerleading in the mix of all this has been a great experience! I had about 25 kids on Tuesday night, in one class! Talk about chaos, but loving chaos! On Wednesday, I had only 5 of my competition kids. However, with only 5 kids we focused on what they needed to focus on separately and I even had a parent tell me how great I am with the kids..LOVED hearing that!

I think that is a decent catch up you all <3