Sunday, August 28, 2011

365 Days Of...

Lets preface this post by saying, I am totally uncontrollably addicted to shopping. While purchasing a house and planning a wedding, shopping has officially been put on the back burner. Honestly, would I prefer a new wardrobe over marrying my best friend or buying our first house, I guess not. But, that doesn't mean this whole transition is easy, nor is it being taken lightly. I am pretty certain I am going into shopping withdrawals...with that said I have decided to embark on a clothing journey. I plan to wear a different outfit every day for 365 days! This isn't to say I won't purchase a single thing, but I am hoping that it will prove a point to myself, that I have enough stuff to make it work and I can live without new stuff constantly while saving money of course.

The plan? Start with every single item in my closet/dresser/spinny closet gadget. Once a shirt/dress/skirt/pant is worn it will be "retired" and moved into another closet until I have officially worn every piece of clothing I own. Ready to embark on a new journey, starting tomorrow morning. Hope you all follow along & encourage me during this journey..I am certain Mr.Queen Bee will be very appreciative! XOXOX <3