Friday, August 12, 2011

Lowes & Vegan Stories, that's an interesting combo!

You know you've officially grown up when Lowes Home Improvement becomes your favorite place to spend Thursday date nights, HA! Yes, this was Brian and I last night, at 9PM wandering around Lowes to find paint, ceiling fans, kitchen valances, washer and dryer plus 1 million other things that our new house will need! Talk about expensive...whew!

On a different note, a little comedy from a recent vegetarian/vegan! Mr.Queen Bee and I decided to do mexican for dinner, a interesting feat for a vegan! I ordered what I thought was pretty simple, a "quesadilla" with peppers, onions and a side of guac...well after a strange look by waitress #1, we were approached by waitress #2 to inform me that couldn't be done? So I ended up with sides of EVERYTHING, a side of peppers, a side of onions, tortillas and a side of guac, necessary I think not? Plus, our waitress seemed to look at me for the rest of evening as if I were an alien and very high maintenance, ha! We even had 2 managers come to make sure everything was okay! While this is quite entertaining, so were the other 2 occasions where I ordered salads without chicken and got back "ha, why?" and "are you serious?" Just as an FYI that is NOT okay for all of your restaurant workers out there, come on now people!

But, enough ranting! I am officially on week 3 of being a vegetarian come Saturday and i LOVE it, glad I started this journey..pushing myself more and more each day to be completely vegan. I certainly don't want any little baby chickens, pigs, cows or fish looking at me like this....