Sunday, August 28, 2011

365 Days Of...

Lets preface this post by saying, I am totally uncontrollably addicted to shopping. While purchasing a house and planning a wedding, shopping has officially been put on the back burner. Honestly, would I prefer a new wardrobe over marrying my best friend or buying our first house, I guess not. But, that doesn't mean this whole transition is easy, nor is it being taken lightly. I am pretty certain I am going into shopping withdrawals...with that said I have decided to embark on a clothing journey. I plan to wear a different outfit every day for 365 days! This isn't to say I won't purchase a single thing, but I am hoping that it will prove a point to myself, that I have enough stuff to make it work and I can live without new stuff constantly while saving money of course.

The plan? Start with every single item in my closet/dresser/spinny closet gadget. Once a shirt/dress/skirt/pant is worn it will be "retired" and moved into another closet until I have officially worn every piece of clothing I own. Ready to embark on a new journey, starting tomorrow morning. Hope you all follow along & encourage me during this journey..I am certain Mr.Queen Bee will be very appreciative! XOXOX <3

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lowes & Vegan Stories, that's an interesting combo!

You know you've officially grown up when Lowes Home Improvement becomes your favorite place to spend Thursday date nights, HA! Yes, this was Brian and I last night, at 9PM wandering around Lowes to find paint, ceiling fans, kitchen valances, washer and dryer plus 1 million other things that our new house will need! Talk about expensive...whew!

On a different note, a little comedy from a recent vegetarian/vegan! Mr.Queen Bee and I decided to do mexican for dinner, a interesting feat for a vegan! I ordered what I thought was pretty simple, a "quesadilla" with peppers, onions and a side of guac...well after a strange look by waitress #1, we were approached by waitress #2 to inform me that couldn't be done? So I ended up with sides of EVERYTHING, a side of peppers, a side of onions, tortillas and a side of guac, necessary I think not? Plus, our waitress seemed to look at me for the rest of evening as if I were an alien and very high maintenance, ha! We even had 2 managers come to make sure everything was okay! While this is quite entertaining, so were the other 2 occasions where I ordered salads without chicken and got back "ha, why?" and "are you serious?" Just as an FYI that is NOT okay for all of your restaurant workers out there, come on now people!

But, enough ranting! I am officially on week 3 of being a vegetarian come Saturday and i LOVE it, glad I started this journey..pushing myself more and more each day to be completely vegan. I certainly don't want any little baby chickens, pigs, cows or fish looking at me like this....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home is where your story begins..

A few snapshots of our NEW house :) Cannot wait to get in here with fresh new paint, clean carpets,  new decorations and lots & lots of new furniture!! Blessed beyond words!

Manic Months, to say the least

Okay, so I haven't blogged since MARCH..which might I add is a bit insane. But with a little push from all of my blogging friends and there creativity, I decided it was time to let it all hang out again! Plus its a great way to keep up with the girlfriends that I cannot talk to or see everyday, miss you all dearly!

Just a quick catch up post!

From what I remember from April, May and June! They were pretty average months, work, shopping, family time, squeezing in one-on-one time with Mr.Queen Bee during his busiest work months and a fun tubing trip and might I add my first camping trip! That was an say the least! Plus, my beautiful neice won 1st runner up in her FIRST pageant, shes such a doll!

But July took on a whole new approach!  A much awaited week-long vacation with the man of my dreams and our furry son Cooper! We started the vacation on a whim by deciding to drive to Wilmington after work on Thursday, throwing clothes in a suitcase and hitting the road in a little over an hour! Upon on arrival, we checked into the cutest hotel/bed & breakfast the Wilmingtonian, check it out here! I highly recommend it and for all of your families with furry children, its pet friendly! After spending 3 relaxing days in Wilmington, we packed up and headed to Ocean Isle to spend the remainder of our vacation with Mr.Queen Bees sissy, her hubs & a couple of there friends! Little did I know that after patiently waiting or I am sure Mr.Queen Bee would say not so patiently waiting, Mr. Queen Bee finally popped the QUESTION and I can officially say that we are getting married! Yes it is official I am going to become a MRS in January and this definitely put a new spin on things! Plus, in July it became official that our offer was accepted on our first house! Blessing after blessing in July and my head is spinning! With visions of furniture, bridesmaid dresses, dj, ceremony music, amongst a million other things sleeping at night has become an issue and concentrating at work with a million things on my desk plus a million things on my mind has become quite entertaining!

See a couple snapshots from the Queen Bee life and the last few months below!