Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheers to a Brand New Year & a Brand New Me

Hello World, you got it I am officially blogging to the world. The big world that revolves around the internet, the big world that only a small percentage will probably ever even read this...but hey why not share my life with that small percentage! 

Over the last year I have grown & evolved into big girl world, grown & evolved into more of a Queen than I was before, grown & evolved into the rock my mother has needed me to be, grown & evolved into the loving woman that my loving man didn't realize he needed but loves me for it, grown & evolved into the sister that my sister has been to me for so long in order to return the favor, grown & evolved into an Aunt that my niece & nephew believe I am a celebrity when I make it home, grown & evolved into a full-time 40 hours a week employee, grown & evolved into a workoutaholic, grown & evolved into everything that I didn't realize would come so soon in life but I wouldn't trade it for a single thing, unless of course it was a million dollar $hopping spree..then we could talk about trading it all. 

2010 was a a roller coaster of a year and one hell of a ride. It started out in the mountains with Mr.QueenBees friends, normal isn't really the word  I would use to describe it but for lack of better words, it started out semi-normal. As the months continued on, I had started my last semester of college, celebrated my Dads last official birthday on this earth, celebrated my 22nd birthday, started an internship, traveled home every night for a month to visit my dad in Hospice, watched my father pass away right before my eyes little by little, held my family closer than ever before, fell more in love with Mr.QueenBee, celebrated my sisters birthday, celebrated my nieces Celebrity birthday, traveled to the beach for a weekend getaway for my Moms 50th Birthday & to celebrate graduating college, started a full-time position not even a week after graduation, learned to balance life in a way that works without being a total stress mess, celebrated the first Thanksgiving & Christmas without the love of my dad, celebrated the second Thanksgiving in Virginia with Mr.QueenBees family a family that I hope to be a part of in 2011, celebrated my PawPaws last Christmas here on Earth, attended a couple weddings,  cherished every minute with every person that I love more than life itself, and somehow I survived it all and come out on top! 

2011 I believed would start off on a much higher note and although I was wrong about that I believe 2011 still has potential, potential to beat the rough start. The rough start with doctor appointments, prescription meds to get me through the long days and laying my PawPaw to rest beside my Nana. I still hope that 2011 kicks 2010 right square in the face, because I am ready to outshine the person next to me, smile as big as my mouth allows, and spread love around the world. So here is to 2011, Cheers to 2011 from QueenBee.