Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oopsies..Life Got TOO Busy..

Okay, Okay I have been a bit slack on this whole blog idea. My life is so incredibly busy lately. Working 40 hour work weeks, attempting to be social and trying to spend time with Mr.QueenBee and my family is a full-time job and more! Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to squeeze in a small celebration for Mr.Queen Bees birthday, seeing as he was skiing it up in CO for his actual birthday! A weekend getaway with Mommy Bee & Sissy Bee to the Biltmore House. A much needed ladies weekend with my very best friends and a weekend that I hope to cherish forever. A very special weekend that I hope to spend with Mom Bee & Sissy Bee for the rest of our lives.

I also squeezed in going out on a limb and trying out for a Pro-Dance team! I was a complete and total EMOTIONAL WRECK, to say the least! Mr. Queen Bee went to enjoy a guys night in the mountains and I stayed home to prepare for try-outs. I slept about 4 hours and woke up around 5:15am, by 8:00am this Queen Bee was getting all dolled up for try-outs. By 11am I had arrived at the try-out location and my insides were totally turned inside out and upside down, all at once. Try-outs lasted roughly 4 hours and I was exhausted as I drove to the mountains to reunite with my sweet Mr.Queen Bee & our fun friends! Thank goodness I had a LOT of company on Saturday night, or I would have completely LOST IT waiting to hear who made the cut. I ALMOST lost it on Sunday as I waited to see if my name would be on that list or not..LUCKY FOR ME THE QUEEN BEE..MADE THE TEAM! Practices started on Tuesday & now I am officially a little more busy, but I cannot wait to dance again..dancing is my PASSION!! WOOOOHOOOO!