Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day To My Sweet Bee!!

It is officially the Queen Bee Couples 3rd Valentines Day together, what a 3 years it has been! Over the last 3 years our relationship has grown and developed into a beautiful relationship built on love, a love that I know will last forever.

Mr.Bee and I celebrated our first Valentines Day with friends in the mountains, we exchanged gifts and by my surprise Mr.Bee did the most creative little thing. He wrote a "note" with blanks, framed it and gave me a box of Candy Hearts (ones that he had picked out specifically for the note) and I was to fill in the blanks. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this Valentines Day gift and will NEVER EVER forget how cute Mr.Bee was as I filled in the blanks!

Our second Valentines Day was also spent in the mountains with friends!! I don't remember much about this date, but I am almost certain Mr.Bee made me feel special just as he does everyday :)

As our 3rd Valentines Day together begins I am excited to see what tonight holds! Mr.Bee is cooking dinner for me, yum and he has a teeny tiny gift since I gave him the Love Dare early! I do know that our love flows deeper than ever before and that this Valentines Day means much more because of the grande amounts our love has grown this year specifically. I believe our relationship has taken leaps and bounds into a different realm of relationships, as we have encountered and conquered so many obstacles this year.

Mr.Bee, I hope you know how much I adore you, how much I truly love you deep down, and I hope you know that we have a love that will not waiver and a love that will never stop..our love is forever. With that being said, Mr.Bee will you be my Valentine this year, next year and until death do us part?