Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year With New Possibilities-It Is Time To Be Held Accountable

Hello my sweet little blog that I have been way too busy to update lately, that is up until today when I finally decided that sitting on the couch for hours upon hours was exactly what my little body and mind needed. As 2011 came to an end last night I couldn't help but think that this Queen Bee had one heck of a year and that 2012 could potentially top it. Mr.Queen Bee & I are tying the knot on January 14 and I simply cannot wait. I have been dreaming of this "big day" for years and I truly cannot imagine marrying anyone other than Mr.Queen Bee. I can honestly say he is my soul mate, no doubt about it. With that said, things will hopefully be calming down a bit in a couple of weeks and I really want to be able to go into the New Year with my new hubby and start new traditions, habits and a lovely lifestyle. So today I start my 2012, 12 resolutions...yes 12 but ones that I know I can accomplish, plus that is why you are here my blog followers to hold me accountable for my resolutions.

1. Go on 1 date night a month, get dressed up, turn off cell phones and truly enjoy each others company. I cannot think of a better way to start a marriage, than tuning into one another without technology getting in the way.

2. Find ways to get the sufficient amount of protein daily to keep up my vegetarian lifestyle and keep the
lifestyle going for another year. I have officially been vegetarian for 7 months and can truly say I LOVE IT!

3. Pick 1 night a month to have a ladies night, with either 1 friend or 10 get together and have a girl gossip sesh. I learned at a young age that I will always need girlfriends, good strong girlfriends that I can count on. It is time to appreciate there friendships.

4. While I am not out on the town for a date night or ladies night, cook at home 4 nights out of the week at LEAST. Saving my new hubby and myself lots of money and calories :)

5. Go to church on a regular basis, Elevation Church that is! Fall more and more in love with the creator and dig in deeper.

6. Spend quiet time with myself in the mornings or even with Mr.Queen Bee if he is home. Get up earlier go for a walk with the dog, eat breakfast in the comfort of my home rather than at my desk and read my daily devotional.

7. Get back in the habit of working out 4 or 5 days out of the week. No one has ever said "I hate working out" after they leave the gym, that must be my motto from now on; all I have to do is get there and I already feel better.

8. Start enforcing no technology time in our household again. Some of you may know that for months prior to buying our new home, Mr.Queen Bee and I had a no technology after 10pm rule. Not only does it let your mind rest but it gave us a few minutes a night to talk without interruption.

9. Go visit all of my friends that live out of town or in different states, after all there are 53 weekends this year thanks to the leap year, I think I can make a few of those out of town weekends!

10. Stay in better touch with my amazing family. They are my biggest fan club and I wouldn't be who I am without any of them, letters, cards and phone calls are all in store for the new year.

11. Be more adventurous. Mr.Queen Bee loves adventure and its time we do something together that we can both enjoy, I will start searching for fun adventures tonight :)

12. Be the most patient, caring, loving and wonderful wife I can be. I cannot wait to start my life as a married woman and I want to show the world what a perfect marriage looks like. Mr.Queen Bee will be one very spoiled hubby come January 14th and I am so giddy over it, I may just go smooch his face right now-even though I might mess up his Xbox race ;)

Alright world, those are my 12 resolutions so help me out friends and HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!

Miss Soon to be MRS Queen Bee <3

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait...

As we speak our new furniture is being delivered...yes we finally got moved into our house! I promise as soon as everything is decorated and looking beautifully I will post pictures! Currently we still have boxes ALL over the garage, hidden in closets and in my car! However, everything is coming together rather nicely! What a joy it has been to have Mr.Queen Bee home this week to help out and enjoy his company! Tonight I am making potato soup, and we are going to SIT and ENJOY ourselves in our new home for the first night! I cannot wait, it is going to most fabulous!

Stay tuned for pictures....XOXO <3

Friday, September 16, 2011

Falling into Friday

Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand, leggings as part of my Friday attire, and freshly painted fall fingernails; I am officially falling into Friday!

Growing up I thought summer was the only season that mattered. However, the older I get the more I fall completely and totally in love with Autumn! Changing leaves are charismatic to me, in the way that they change so elegantly before falling to the ground. I adore pumpkins and how you can decorate with them, enjoy them in a tasty dessert, and even bake the seeds that fill them! I like breaking out my crock pot for the fall season to enjoy homemade soups, after it has been in hibernation all summer. Plus, I love thinking that in a few short months my loving Fiance will have a couple "off months" from traveling and our whirlwind life will calm down enough for us to spend more than 2 evenings together every week. With all that said, I am totally loving the high of 64 that is to occur today in Charlotte, and I hope the fall weather sticks around until December, now that'd be fabulous!

Pretty Fall Nails

To Die For Pumpkin Spice Latte
Lovely Changing Leaves

One Of My Fall Decor Purchases, I May Not Be A Hancock Yet But Oh Well!

Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.  ~George Elio

In Case Any Of You Were Wondering..

My life is a complete whirlwind tragedy right now..WHEW! Over the last 2 weeks, Mr.Queen Bee & I  have been told multiple times that we would be closing on our new home...have we closed yet? NOPE! Meaning I am living out of boxes, bags, a half empty house and sleeping in our spare bed! Also, on a side note...the spare bed is NOT comfy, so sorry to all of our family & friends who have slept there. It will certainly need to be updated when we do move, hopefully on Monday.

Not that I am getting my hopes up, AT ALL. But, hopefully Monday will be the day we close and everyone we have paid to make this happen will actually follow through on the jobs they are supposed to be good at.

On the other hand, coaching cheerleading in the mix of all this has been a great experience! I had about 25 kids on Tuesday night, in one class! Talk about chaos, but loving chaos! On Wednesday, I had only 5 of my competition kids. However, with only 5 kids we focused on what they needed to focus on separately and I even had a parent tell me how great I am with the kids..LOVED hearing that!

I think that is a decent catch up you all <3

Sunday, August 28, 2011

365 Days Of...

Lets preface this post by saying, I am totally uncontrollably addicted to shopping. While purchasing a house and planning a wedding, shopping has officially been put on the back burner. Honestly, would I prefer a new wardrobe over marrying my best friend or buying our first house, I guess not. But, that doesn't mean this whole transition is easy, nor is it being taken lightly. I am pretty certain I am going into shopping withdrawals...with that said I have decided to embark on a clothing journey. I plan to wear a different outfit every day for 365 days! This isn't to say I won't purchase a single thing, but I am hoping that it will prove a point to myself, that I have enough stuff to make it work and I can live without new stuff constantly while saving money of course.

The plan? Start with every single item in my closet/dresser/spinny closet gadget. Once a shirt/dress/skirt/pant is worn it will be "retired" and moved into another closet until I have officially worn every piece of clothing I own. Ready to embark on a new journey, starting tomorrow morning. Hope you all follow along & encourage me during this journey..I am certain Mr.Queen Bee will be very appreciative! XOXOX <3

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lowes & Vegan Stories, that's an interesting combo!

You know you've officially grown up when Lowes Home Improvement becomes your favorite place to spend Thursday date nights, HA! Yes, this was Brian and I last night, at 9PM wandering around Lowes to find paint, ceiling fans, kitchen valances, washer and dryer plus 1 million other things that our new house will need! Talk about expensive...whew!

On a different note, a little comedy from a recent vegetarian/vegan! Mr.Queen Bee and I decided to do mexican for dinner, a interesting feat for a vegan! I ordered what I thought was pretty simple, a "quesadilla" with peppers, onions and a side of guac...well after a strange look by waitress #1, we were approached by waitress #2 to inform me that couldn't be done? So I ended up with sides of EVERYTHING, a side of peppers, a side of onions, tortillas and a side of guac, necessary I think not? Plus, our waitress seemed to look at me for the rest of evening as if I were an alien and very high maintenance, ha! We even had 2 managers come to make sure everything was okay! While this is quite entertaining, so were the other 2 occasions where I ordered salads without chicken and got back "ha, why?" and "are you serious?" Just as an FYI that is NOT okay for all of your restaurant workers out there, come on now people!

But, enough ranting! I am officially on week 3 of being a vegetarian come Saturday and i LOVE it, glad I started this journey..pushing myself more and more each day to be completely vegan. I certainly don't want any little baby chickens, pigs, cows or fish looking at me like this....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home is where your story begins..

A few snapshots of our NEW house :) Cannot wait to get in here with fresh new paint, clean carpets,  new decorations and lots & lots of new furniture!! Blessed beyond words!